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The mission of the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UKCRC TDCC) is to maximise the use, value and impact of the UK's human sample resources in the UK, and beyond. The UKCRC TDCC will do this by creating a world-leading, research-enabling, and networked biobanking infrastructure to facilitate the discovery and use of the UK's human samples and data.

Run by a dedicated team across the University of Nottingham and University College London, the creation of the UKCRC TDCC was mandated by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration via their Vision for Human Tissue Resources. The UKCRC TDCC works to help researchers discover samples and data, help sample resources improve their data systems for sharing, and harmonise policy relating to the discovery and use of samples and data.

The work of the UKCRC TDCC is guided by the belief that the biomedical research ecosystem should be based on open standards, open-science, and pre-competitive collaboration.

As a coordinating centre, we don't hold any human samples ourselves and, as such, are not in a position to receive sample donations.



We help researchers

Our work helps researchers find expertise and relevant samples to complete their work through making resources and sample collections visible via the UKCRC Tissue Directory.


We help human sample resources

Biobank, cohort, biorepository or clinical trial - whatever size or shape your collection, there are a number of ways we can help make your resource more visible to the research community.


We help research influencers

We aim to maximise the value of existing human sample resources. We support medical research funders and regulators to  improve the impact of projects and collections.


Human samples are collected by various individuals and research groups across the UK to facilitate research. However, some of this work has been duplicating previous efforts because there was no centralised system for knowing what samples were already stored. 

We aim to change that. The UKCRC Tissue Directory is the UK's only register of sample collections that covers multiple diseases and allows searching based on age, gender, disease classification, sample type and available datasets.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory is under ongoing development based on feedback we receive from samples resources, researchers and medical research funders. We are currently in Phase II of development, which is prioritising making the registration process easier and searches more relevant. 





Philip Quinlan


Phil directs the vision and product delivery of the UKCRC TDCC. With a background in data systems, he particularly focuses on opportunities to integrate the UKCRC Tissue Directory with other initiatives.

Read more about Phil.

Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims

Collaborations Engagement Manager

Jessica leads on the UKCRC TDCC's collaborations with external stakeholders to join-up the UK's biomedical research landscape. This work aims to promote complementary policies and campaigns.

Read more about Jessica.


Emma Lawrence

Research Engagement Manager

Emma ensures that  the UKCRC Tissue Directory is as useful and relevant for as many biomedical researchers as possible. Aside from capture user needs, she helps sample resources to  improve their Directory profiles.

Read more about Emma.

Picture of Matt Styles, Senior Research Developer for the UKCRC TDCC

Matt Styles

Senior Research

Matt is the technical lead for the UKCRC Tissue Directory.  He is responsible for improving the Directory based on user feedback, in terms of  technical capability,  its look and feel, and its functionality.

Read more about Matt.

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Erinna Bowman

Research Engagement Manager (mat cover)

Erinna is currently Emma's maternity cover and is in charge of the 2019 UK Biobanking Showcase. In addition, she focuses on making the UKCRC Tissue Directory and BBMRI-ERIC Directory accessible to researchers.

Read more about Erinna.

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Katy Glazer

Collaborations Engagement Manager (mat cover)

Katy is covering Jessica's maternity leave. She leads on the UKCRC TDCC's collaborations with external stakeholders, working with funders and regulators to maximise researchers' access to biobanks.

Read more about Katy. 


We're funded by eight  members of the UK Clinical Research collaboration.

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