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The UKCRC Tissue Directory is the UK’s only register of sample collections that covers multiple diseases. You can search by age, gender, disease classification, sample type and available datasets. You can also browse lists of the sample resources featured on our directory.
Search by disease

Looking for samples from a person with a particular disease? Then head over to our main directory of sample collections

List of diseases

Not sure about the terms we are using, or the range of diseases that are included? Refer to our list of disease terms.

A-Z of Sample Resources

Looking for a specific sample resource? You can find a list of all the sample collections registered in the Directory.


The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre facilitates the discovery and use of human samples and data to enable biomedical research.
We do this by:
  • Supporting research

    Making tissue and data collections easier to find and access through a freely accessible online UKCRC Tissue Directory


    Developing standards and consensus on the collection and storage of tissues and data across academia, the NHS and industry so they can be more widely used across projects


    Working with people and organisations to promote best practice in sample collection, governance and public engagement

  • Engaging beyond the UK

    Connecting the UK with European and other international biobanking initiatives such as BBMRI-ERIC, by being the UK National Node (


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