Supporting COVID-19 Research

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (TDCC) is cataloging all COVID-19 human sample collections in the UK. We have been tasked by the Medical Research Council to do this with all relevant projects funded under expedited processes. However, we encourage all sample custodians with samples from COVID-19 patients to register their collections.

The TDCC is supporting the following work:

    1. The registration of all COVID-19 related human samples collected through existing and future funded research programmes, including the NIHR Biomedical Research Centres, within six weeks of collection.
    2. That samples are accompanied by a core dataset that enables data connectivity with other national datasets (e.g. via an NHS number);
    3. Participating research groups provide instructions, as to how researchers may gain access to tissues, with copies of their standard material transfer agreements, and an estimated turn-around time for approval.
    4. Participating research groups to record and publish the numbers of requests received and approved.

It is vital that the biomedical research community make the most of the incredible generosity of the public, who are donating their samples and participating in research at record levels. We will be asking all COVID-19 projects to register in the Directory and also to sign up to our transparency principles.

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