Publications citing sample use featured on Tissue Directory Profiles

Publications citing sample use featured on Tissue Directory Profiles

UKCRC Tissue Directory profiles can now feature publications citing sample use. Every profile has this new function and can be enabled if relevant publications are found. The Tissue Directory searches for publications based on the name of the biobank. Account admins just have to log in to approve suggested publications.

Recognising quality and use

One way to acknowledge a biobank's contribution to research is via publications citing sample use. It is good practice for researchers to cite the source of their samples in their manuscripts, yet this is not always done. It presents a missed opportunity because sample providers aren't receiving recognition and it limits research transparency. Our research has found that publications provide a way to find and assess potential sample sources. For instance one researcher explained, “They may have published in the area so you've some degree of trust that they're going to be…have the quality and interest in the field that you're doing.” We hope enabling this feature will help to influence the expectation for researchers to recognise biobanks.

How to add publications to your profile

Admins can log into the Tissue Directory to view the new ‘Publications’ tab on their profile dashboard. From there, they can choose to enable the publications feature. The Tissue Directory suggests publications for approval which have cited the name of the resource. Admins will then have the option to accept or reject suggestions.

We encourage all registered users to check the Tissue Directory's suggested publications. Get in touch if you have any issues in enabling this feature. Any feedback on this new feature is greatly appreciated!

Profile Editing with Publications, As Viewed by Admin

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Tissue Directory Profile, As Viewed by User

A screenshot of a Tissue Directory profile for illustrative purposes