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Nottingham in parliament

Nottingham takes Biobanking to Parliament

Nottingham takes Biobanking to Parliament The University of Nottingham will be taking Biobanking to Parliament next month.   The UK Biobanking Timebomb: Maintaining Public Trust in Medical Research will be held at 2.30pm on the 25th October in Westminster as part of Nottingham in Parliament day. The day will be a celebration of the leadership the UK has shown in this field but also seeking improvements that can facilitate a… Read More »Nottingham takes Biobanking to Parliament

UKCRC TDCC attends Europe Biobank Week 2016

UKCRC TDCC attends Europe Biobank Week 2016 The UKCRC Tissue Coordination Cente attended Europe Biobank Week last week in its capacity as BBMRI.uk. The event was jointly organized by ESBB and BBMRI-ERIC and was a great opportunity to meet with the global biobank community. The week kicked off with a string quartet to reflect Vienna‚Äôs musical connections (right).   Highlights included lots of discussions on quality, kicked off by Alain… Read More »UKCRC TDCC attends Europe Biobank Week 2016

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Spotlight on: Ethical Tissue

Spotlight on: Ethical Tissue Name: Ethical Tissue Location: University of Bradford What is your biobank for? One of our main objectives is utilising tissue for cutting edge research. It is vital that researchers get the necessary tissue to take the scientific and medical world forward in their ideas and developments in both medicine and technology. This tissue is the future. Tell us about Ethical Tissue: ‘We have been developing a… Read More »Spotlight on: Ethical Tissue

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The UKCRC Tissue Directory is now Live!

The UKCRC Tissue Directory is now Live! The UKCRC Tissue Directory is now live for medical researchers wanting to source human tissue for their studies. The Directory is intended to be a first port of call for researchers needing human samples; it has functionality to search for both collections and capabilities. This means if it doesn’t return what you need you can search for platforms with the potential to source… Read More »The UKCRC Tissue Directory is now Live!

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Spotlight on: Ana Rio-Machin

Spotlight on: Ana Rio-Machin Job title: Postdoctoral Researcher at Barts Cancer Institute (BCI), Queen Mary University of London Research Project: Ana researches the genetic alterations (mutations) that are inherited in families who have leukaemia without a known cause, within a Bloodwise funded programme; ‘Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) familial cases, where two or more affected individuals are found in the same family, are rare but represent a high-risk group of patients… Read More »Spotlight on: Ana Rio-Machin


Biobank of the Year Awards 2016

Biobank of the Year Awards 2016

Nominations for this awards are now closed.

We are keen to promote and encourage Biobanks that go above and beyond in facilitating ground breaking research. We therefore encourage researchers to nominate biobanks that have made their work possible. Shortlisted candidates will be presented at our annual meeting UK Biobanking Showcase and participants can then vote for the winner. The winner will be announced and prize awarded on the day.Read More »Biobank of the Year Awards 2016

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Annual Meeting Registration Now Open!

Annual Meeting Registration Now Open! The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre’s Annual meeting will be held at The Oval, London on the 16th November. UK Biobanking Showcase will be a chance to celebrate Biobanking in the UK. On the day, we’ll showcase the range of exciting biobanking capabilities in the UK. There’ll be debates, discussion panels, workshops and lots of chances to feedback on the development of the UKCRC… Read More »Annual Meeting Registration Now Open!