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UK Biobanking Showcase 2017

UK Biobanking Showcase 2017 The annual UK Biobanking Showcase was held on 18th October, 2017 at the Kia Oval cricket ground in London. Over 140 people attended the event, covering human sample resources across the country, universities, medical funders and different medical companies and organisations. This year’s showcase sought to highlight some of the recent[…]

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Representing UK-based biobanking at Global Biobank Week

Representing UK-based biobanking at Global Biobank Week Presentation slide from the ‘DNA, Your Say’ project This week, our Engagement Manager Jessica Mai Sims reports her experience at Global Biobank Week. Global Biobank Week was held in Stockholm this in September 2017. This year the conference was hosted as a collaboration between BBMRI-ERIC, ESBB and ISBER.[…]

Video Explaining the Tissue Directory

One of the Centre’s main projects is to develop an online Tissue Directory which will hold information about sample collections across the UK. Watch our latest video, below, for more information on what’s gone into the development of the Directory. Over the next year we will be holding Directory Roadshows with the relevant local people[…]

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BBMRI-LPC Third Scientific Call for Access

A third BBMRI-LPC Scientific Call for Access is now being launched, building on the success of the first call in 2014 and the second call in spring 2015. BBMRI-LPC supports innovative research projects conducted in large prospective cohorts (LPC) across Europe. This Call for Access is an outstanding opportunity for European scientists to gain access[…]

Coordination of Biobanking in the UK

On 29 September 2015, the Centre held its first annual biobanking event. Coordination of Biobanking in the UK, marked the UK becoming the 17th Member State to join BBMRI-ERIC, and was organised alongside ESBB’s 2015 Annual Conference to further connect to global developments in biobanking. Below you can find the presentations for view and download:[…]

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BBMRI-LPC Scientific Call for Access now open

BBMRI-LPC Scientific Call for Access: Transnational Access to Large Prospective Cohorts in Europe The Call is an opportunity for European scientists to access, for free, unique collections of biosamples and data from participating Large Prospective Cohorts (LPS) across Europe. The deadline for this Call for Access is 15 June 2015. For more information on how[…]